Enter WhitherApps

 Previously I blog about Sencha and did mentioned about the advantages of building mobile web apps as compared to native client apps. HTML5 has great potential in building mobile we apps and James Pearce is ready to show us that potential. He and “his team” started WhitherApps

WhitherApps is a bandwagon-busting experiment. I believe there are far too many native client apps which could have been far better written as mobile web apps. What we’re going to try and do is take a few examples, apply a little reverse-engineering, and rewrite them, warts and all, with web technologies.

The first project for the team is to rewrite the BBC News iPhone/iPad app into a web app based on HTML5. He has already started 3 blog post on the BBC News apps, Part1, Part2 and Part3. If you see the screenshot below he has gotten pretty far.

BBC News (HTML5)
BBC News (iPad)

If you are into HTML5 and mobile apps developer I recommend you to read his blog and follow his journey to rewrite the BBC News apps. Although native client apps will not wither away, I am sure to see more of such project.

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