Time to Say Goodbye to IE6

I am writing this in support of the Microsoft IE6 Countdown campaign. The campaign website was launched last Fri, 4th Mar 11 and to my surprise it is from Microsoft. It’s been ~10 years since it first release in August 01. IE6 is well-known for its compatibility issue and web developers often need to write IE specific fix. The good news is the number of users is 9% lower than previous year as shown in the “map” below. The biggest usage of IE6 are in China and South Korea. With such a large population using it, I wonder how long more it will take to reach < 1%.

One other thing to notice in the website is that the link “Want to learn about Internet Explorer 9?” is unnoticeable at the bottom right corner of the page. Could it be due to large number of IE6 users are still using Windows XP and IE9 is not compatible with XP? or Could be it be due to the cost of migration for business is too high?

Anyway, support the campaign by adding the banner provided in the site or tweet about it. 🙂 http://www.ie6countdown.com


IE6 Countdown Map - ie6countdown.com


IE6 Countdown Detail Breakdown - ie6countdown.com