Custom Number Formatting in Flex.

A quick intro before I start. I’m Rudy and I’m a new contributor here.

Lately I’m doing a lot of flex programming and although Adobe Flex is quite mature (It has reached version 4.5 this year), I feel that the language is still lack of support to business. One of the missing feature is Number/Currency Formatting that accepts pattern as a template format.

In Flex, we have <mx:CurrencyFormatter>[link]. However it does not accept Pattern. In addition, it’s implemented as a tag which does not allow to be invoked in ActionScript. However, in Java this capability is being implemented nicely using DecimalFormat [link].

Based on the reasons above I decided to create my own formatter that can be called from both ActionScript and mxml. Note that since this is just a quick hack, the code maybe a little bit messy.

Currently it able to cater currency symbol, percentage, # and 0. For example :

  • 1234.56 with pattern #,###.## has output 1,234.56
  • 1234.56 with pattern USD#,###.## has output USD 1,234.56
  • 1234.56 with pattern $#,###.## has output $ 1,234.56
  • 1.23 with pattern 000.000 has output 001,230
  • -12.34 with pattern USD0##.## has output -USD 012.34
  • 123.45 with pattern ###.##% has output 123.45%

Usage :

var nf:NumberFormatter = new NumberFormatter();
var number:Number = 1234.56;
nf.formatString = "#,###.##";
var resultFormatted:String = nf.format(number);

You can download the full code in

3 thoughts on “Custom Number Formatting in Flex.

  1. hi
    can u give a sample application in which :
    create a login form using sencha touch
    and how to access form param (i.e. username and password ) in java program.

    thanks in avdance

    • hi.. for a quick sample, i created using my existing spring security sample. refer to my post here if you are not using spring security, the principle is the same. userid and password is post into your servlet and you can grab the value from request param. But the response must be in JSON. hope that help.

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