35 thoughts on “Integrating Sencha Touch Login Form with Spring Security

  1. Very nice example. Thanks for all of your posts! They have been the best examples I’ve found while trying to learn Sencha Touch. I’m not familiar with Spring Security at all so could you elaborate on what is need to test your example code either locally or on my server?

    • thanks. to run locally you will need a java appserver. for simplicity, I suggest you download the spring sts (http://www.springsource.com/products/eclipse-downloads).
      After you install, import the code to the ide. File -> Import -> select ‘Existing Projects into Workspace’. Once the project loaded into the workspace, follow the Step 4 & 5 in http://wp.me/pIacA-7u to run it.

      If you are not running on java, you can just extract the javascript. it is pretty independent of the spring security. anyway let me know if you have any problem running it on ur desktop.

  2. Hi wowi..!!
    Thanska mill for your such a efforts. I did my same login screen in a different way, but this is totally new to me//!!

  3. Hi, thanks a lot! great article. Do you know what happen when you try to use this form localy and submit to a https login url? It is not working and that is very dificult to fix… could you help me? thanks a lot!

  4. I downloded the example and tried but I am getting required resource not found error. so can you please give complete demo for this application.

  5. How would you place the username on the page, once you are logged in? For example is there some conditional logic you can put on a Ext.Panel that would put the username, logout button there only if you are logged in?

    • Hi,
      you can put the logout and name and the conditional logic in a DIV tag

      ... ...

      then in the Ext.Panel specify the contentEl. Ext.Panel ({ contentEl: 'logout-panel' ... ... });

  6. Hey man.
    Great example but I am new to this….

    Can you please tell me where is the user/password for login successfully?

  7. Hi, how do you validate that the user has not autenticated in the dashboard panel. In example if I access directly to the url of the dashboard?

  8. Hi,
    Great example. Have been searching ages. Best one found.
    I have deployed the war file successfully on a tomcat server. Problem is, after logging in, I end up @ my tomcat’s home page. Please help.

    • Hi Mack,
      Yes u can. They are defined in the ‘applicationContext-security.xml’ file.
      The password has been encoded with the ‘md5’ hash code so u have two options:

      1. Remove the line ” and set the password to what ever you want,
      2. Find out what the ‘md5’ hash code is for the password you want to use and set that as the password.

  9. Thanks a lot osbeug001,

    I will prefer second option.

    One more question:
    It may be silly question but I am not aware of it.

    What is the flow of this application.
    As I know for
    1. sencha app.js is the entry point
    2. Then view port
    3. Then Controller.js

    In our application how Spring helps in authentication?

    I am not able to find out the flow of this application.
    Can u please tell me the workflow of this application?

    How Spring-JSON involves in the entire application?

    Please help

    Thanks in Advance

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