Deploying Grails Application to CloudFoundry

Here I am sharing the steps to deploy Grails Application to CloudFoundry.

Step 1: Install CloudFoundry Plugin

install-plugin cloud-foundry

Step 2: Configure Credential
Create $HOME/.grails/settings.groovy and configure your CloudFoundry credential there. Putting your credential in settings.groovy makes it available to all your Grails projects. The alternative is to configure in BuildConfig.groovy or Config.groovy which makes it available to that specific project only. Using settings.groovy is better as it keep the credential out of source control. In Windows, $HOME= C:\Users\<username>.

grails.plugin.cloudfoundry.username = ''
grails.plugin.cloudfoundry.password = ''

Step 3: Verify Credential
Check whether the credential is working by executing the following command:


You will see a similar print out as shown below

VMware's Cloud Application Platform
For support visit
Target: (v0.999)
User:     <your_username>
Usage:    Memory   (128.0M of 2.0G total)
Services (0 of 16 total)
Apps     (1 of 20 total)

Step 4: Deploy Grails Application
Now, deploy your Grails application by executing the following command:


If you decided to deploy your application with a different name, use the option –appname

cf-push --appname=other-name

During deployment you will be prompted with the following questions. The mysql service can be provisioned at later stage using the cf-create-service.

You're running in the development environment but haven't specified a war file, so one will be built with development settings. Are you sure you want to do proceed? ([y], n)
Application Deployed URL: ''?
Would you like to create and bind a mysql service? ([y], n)

Step 5: Verify Application Deployment
To check your deployment, execute the command below:


You will see a similar print out as shown below

| Application     | #  | Health  | URLs                             | Services |
| <app-name>      | 1  | RUNNING | <app-name>      |          |

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